SmartPhones4Water, WHY ?

Because Water
is our precious

SmartPhones4Water (S4W) mobilizes young researchers, citizen scientists, and mobile technology
to improve lives by strengthening our understanding and management of water.

Welcome To S4W-Nepal

Make a difference with your Smartphone

Smartphones For Water Nepal (S4W-Nepal) is a non-profit research organization founded in 2017 that works on sustainable water resource monitoring and management in Nepal. S4W-Nepal intends to collect hydro-meteorological data, strengthen understanding of water resources via research, and support wise water management decisions. To accomplish this, S4W-Nepal follows a viable citizen science approach that can play a pivotal role in research, especially in data-constrained countries like Nepal. In addition to the citizen science approach, S4W-Nepal also leverages the power of mobile technology and young researchers. The advancement in mobile technology (e.g., GPS, cameras, etc.) has enabled citizen scientists to involve more diligently in the scientific process of data collection. Our citizen science approach has the benefits of achieving the work on a massive scale, more abruptly, and at a minimal cost through enhancement of the scientific knowledge among the citizens.

S4W-Nepal mobilizes young researchers to analyze/comprehend the gathered data and propose research-based solutions to the associated stakeholders and policymakers regarding water management issues. All data collected by S4W-Nepal is open-source data that enables the younger generation of researchers to enhance their research skills and empower them to address the underlying water issues.

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Our Specialization

S4W-Nepal uses a smartphone-based data collection platform to collect data about water with citizen scientists led by young researchers. Remarkable insights are generated from data collected, which are useful to support wise-water management decisions

Call Us Today

+977-9801324916 / 9801841449

Generate Data

To generate data necessary to support wise water management decisions.

Develop Citizen Scientists

To develop a national network of citizen scientists led by young researchers. 

Leverage data

To leverage an innovative and open-source data collection platform for water monitoring.

Build Research Capacity

To build the research capacity of young researchers. 

Our Recent Projects

You can’t manage a resource, you don’t measure.

Our Recent Research

You can’t manage a resource, you don’t measure.

CEO words

“Fostering a Citizen Science Approach: Empowering Communities for Sustainable Water Management”

As we face increasing challenges in managing our water resources, it has become evident that a collective effort is necessary to secure a sustainable future. S4W-Nepal is passionate about championing a citizen science approach for water management—a paradigm shift that recognizes the invaluable role of communities in driving lasting change.
Citizen science is a powerful tool that harnesses the knowledge, skills, and passion of individuals from all walks of life. By actively involving local communities, we tap into their unique perspectives, deep-rooted connections to the environment, and on-the-ground expertise. Together, we can collect data, monitor water quality, and identify patterns and trends that would otherwise remain hidden.
Furthermore, citizen science bolsters the credibility and transparency of our water management initiatives. By involving communities in data collection and analysis, we enhance the robustness and reliability of our findings. This approach builds trust, as we work hand in hand with the very people whose lives are directly impacted by our decisions.
Let us empower communities, provide them with the necessary tools and resources, and create platforms for active participation. By doing so, we harness the collective power of countless individuals, ensuring that our water resources are managed in a manner that is truly inclusive, informed, and sustainable.
Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, where science meets citizenship, and every individual becomes a steward of our precious water resources.

Words from Country Director

Conserve waterconserve life

Data collection is fundamental to scientific research. The essence of hydro-meteorological data has more significance in a country like Nepal, where water-induced hazards are more frequent. We can no longer ignore the fact that there are things that scientists will never be able to discover alone. Because science has advanced in so many areas that to keep pushing some of those frontiers, scientists need to learn to collaborate not just with each other but with everyone. Citizen Science is a collaboration between scientists and citizens to make science visible for everyone everywhere. Citizen science is a movement that challenges us how knowledge is made, who makes it, where that happens, and who it serves.