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Smartphones For Water Nepal (S4W-Nepal) is a non-profit research organization founded in 2017 that works on sustainable water resource monitoring and management in Nepal. S4W-Nepal intends to collect hydro-meteorological data, strengthen understanding of water resources via research, and support wise water management decisions. To accomplish this, S4W-Nepal follows a viable citizen science approach that can play a pivotal role in research, especially in data-constrained countries like Nepal. In addition to the citizen science approach, S4W-Nepal also leverages the power of mobile technology and young researchers. The advancement in mobile technology (e.g., GPS, cameras, etc.) has enabled citizen scientists to involve more diligently in the scientific process of data collection. Our citizen science approach has the benefits of achieving the work on a massive scale, more abruptly, and at a minimal cost through enhancement of the scientific knowledge among the citizens.

S4W-Nepal mobilizes young researchers to analyze/comprehend the gathered data and propose research-based solutions to the associated stakeholders and policymakers regarding water management issues. All data collected by S4W-Nepal is open-source data that enables the younger generation of researchers to enhance their research skills and empower them to address the underlying water issues.

Our Mission

You can’t manage a resource, you don’t measure.

We generate data

To generate data necessary to support wise water management decisions.

We develop Citizen Scientists

To develop a national network of citizen scientists led by young researchers. 

We leverage data

To leverage an innovative and open-source mobile data collection platform for water monitoring.

We build research capacity

To build the research capacity of young researchers.

Our Introduction Video

Water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but Fresh water is only 0.002% on Earth

S4W – Rainfall Measurements with ODK (Android devices only)

Our People

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Executive Team

Dr. Sanjiv Neupane

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sudeep Duwal

Research Associate

Research Associate

Research Associate

Mr. Gaurav B. Pandey

Logistics Assistant

Mr. Shreeben Shakya

Research Assistant

Ms. Rohinee Bishwas

Research Assistant