Young Researchers’ Circle

Young Researchers’ Circle (YRC)

Rejuvenating research among young aspiring minds.

Realizing the need for a network of active and motivated research-oriented individuals, a group of coherent individuals was founded in Spring 2020 by S4W-Nepal with a major focus on water-related research themes, namely Young Researchers’ Circle (YRC). YRC is a voluntary, independent, collaborative, and non-profit circle of young researchers/students with an aim to inspire and bring together young researchers in the field of water resources. YRC provides guidance and remarkable opportunities for early-stage researchers to embark on their accomplishments in research related to water resources management and become professional researchers in the future. YRC helps undergraduate/graduate-level students to develop their skills set for the design, implementation, completion, and communication of research projects. This circle attempts to promote citizen science-based water resource monitoring and management in the Kathmandu Valley and other parts of Nepal. YRC seeks to accomplish its aims via events, outreach programs, involvement in S4W-Nepal’s activities, and various networking opportunities. The activities of YRC include participation in S4W-Nepal’s activities, research works, publication of a bi-monthly ‘Young Researcher’ newsletter, and a fortnightly Environmental News Refresher.


The ‘Young Researcher’ newsletter, a bimonthly newsletter of YRC, intends to connect with young researchers/citizen scientists by informing them about the works, share knowledge regarding environment-related issues, and motivate them to get involved in research activities. YRC is looking forward to publishing its newsletter bimonthly, so any feedback or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Become A Member

Students pursuing their Bachelor’s studies in science or environment-related fields are eligible to apply for membership of YRC. Interested individuals are requested to send their resume and cover letter to  

For more information contact us at +977 9801841447